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Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. company profile

company profile


    Guangdong gaodeng aluminum group is a leader which is aluminum billet
Guangdong research and development.surface treatments.research and production, dies extrusion
development.production. marketing and serving of premium quality
aluminum profiles, aluminum fabricated windows and doors,and aluminum made furniture in China.

      Guangdong aaodena aluminum aroup is a aroup enterprise which has 37 years of history,our company was established in 1985, total investment has over hundredof million CNY, there are 2 productionbases and 4subsidiarycompanies under the groupwithtotal coverage of 500.000sauare meters,
annual production capacityof aluminum billet isnearly300,000
productioncapacityofextrusionaluminumprofileis nearly250.000tons.gaodeng aluminumgroup is a professional large-scale comprehensive enterprise which specializedin manufacturing aluminum window&door extrusions,curtainwall extrusions.industrial extrusions.decorativeextrusions
fabricated aluminum window, door andcurtain wall,aluminumladders aluminum furniture.

        In the past 35 years, gaodeng was persistently focus on researching development,production,marketing and serving of premium quality architectural aluminumextrusions,industrial aluminum extrusions. decorative
extrusions,fabricated aluminum window & door,and aluminurm ladders. has good reputation at its brand and technology, product, marketing chanrrel and reserve of talents.As an enterprise which won the honorary title of China S TOD20 Architectural Aluminum Profiles Manufacturer, Top500AsiaBrand,andNational High-TechEnterprise,gaodengobtainedover100patents in its industry,asamembertofinalizethe settingofChinese GB over 20items.gaodeng won the honorary title of “Guangdong Top Brand" “FamousTrademark ofGuanadongProvince" China SFamous Brand" “China S Top 10 Manufacturer ofAluminum Industry" “Top 10 Aluminum Brandsin China Top 500 Manufacturers in Guangdong Province" “Top 100 Private enterprises in aluminum processing" Preferred supplier of China s Top 500for Promoting Scientific and
real estateenterprises" “Award
brands Technoloaical
Proaress “10 Preferred of Architectural AluminumProfiles"
“Zhaoqing City2020Guangdong Province Doctoral Engineering Station etc. Products of gaodeng exported to over 100 countries and areas includingUSA. Australia, Singapore, and South Asia.

           Gaodenghasover10,000sales networks in the world, over 2000employees,and manufactured products with leading equipment in its industry managingthe Japanese andGerman lean management.The
products of gaodeng has been sourced by over 2,000 projects from China and oversea market.At the meantime,gaodeng is a preferred supplier of China S Top 500 real estate enterprisesuch as Country Garden, Evergrande, Yuexiu Property, KWG Property,etc.  

             Gaodeng has advanced aluminum profiles production lines of casting, dies research and development,anodizing, electrophoresis,powder coating,PVDF polishing, brush,wood grain, we have advanced inspectioninstrumentsand completed detection means,supporting the products fromgaodeng lead the industry and market.

             Gaodeng always create bright future with you!China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. company profile 0


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China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. company profile 0In 1985, founded a small hardware factory

In 1993, established Guangdong Yongxing Aluminum Co., LTD

In 1999, founded Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., LTD

In 2003, The trademark of "GaoLiDeng "was successfully registered

In 2004, GuangDong Golden Aluminum Ladder manufacturing Co., LTD was established

In 2005, GuangDong Golden Aluminum Doors and Windows curtain Wall Co., LTD was established


In 2008,

Won the title of famous brand product in Guangdong Province

In 2010,

It was rated as a famous trademark of Guangdong Province

In 2011,

Won the title of China's well-known trademark

In 2012,

Foshan Nanhai District Brand Enterprise

In 2013,

National High-tech Enterprise

In 2014,

Top 100 Private Aluminum Processing Enterprises in China

China's Top 20 Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Employer Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province

Top 500 Manufacturers of Guangdong Province

In 2015

Inauguration ceremony of the New Headquarters Building

The Preferred Supplier of China's Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2015

Top 10 Aluminum Brands in China in 2015

Top 500 Asian Brands

National Non-ferrous Metal Industry Outstanding Brand

Innovative Enterprises in Guangdong Economic Storm List

CQC energy-saving certification

In 2016,

Pillar supplier of China's real estate industry

Top 10 Suppliers of Home Furnishing Industry in China 2015-2016

Top 500 Asian Brands

Top 10 Preferred Brands of Doors and Windows in the 12th China Doors and Windows Curtain

In 2017,

China's Top 20 Construction Aluminum Profiles

Zhaoqing City customer satisfaction products

Customer satisfaction enterprises in Zhaoqing city

In 2018,

China's Top 10 Real estate Suppliers profile Competitiveness

Top 10 Preferred Brands of Building Profiles in China

Most Innovative Member Enterprises

In 2019,

Gold Supplier of Guangdong Door Industry Association in 2019

Strategic Partner of Guangdong Door Industry Association in 2018

Top 500 Asian Brands

Top 10 Leading Brands in China



In 2020,

National High-tech Enterprise ,

Building Aluminum Excellent Brand Award

Top 500 Asian Brands

Top 10 Leading Brands in China

Approved the establishment of "Guangdong Doctoral Workstation"

Enterprises abiding by contracts and valuing credit in Guangdong Province

Golden System Doors and Windows Exhibition Hall completed

In 2021,

The 2nd Golden "Replace Wood with Aluminum" March 12 Forest Protection Day and Golden New Product Release Conference was successful

Participated in drafting the national standard "General Technical Conditions for System Doors and Windows" was released

Outstanding Brand of architectural Aluminum

Outstanding Brand of industrial Aluminum


Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd.
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North America

South America

Eastern Asia

Middle East



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Brands : Golden

No. of Employees : 1500~2000

Annual Sales : 400000000-500000000

Year Established : 1999

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Certification China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Certification China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Certification China Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. Certification